There is no cost!

We provide the case management system, install it, and customize it for you for no cost. After some time, you decide how much time and money it saves you and you decide what part of that to share with us.

You receive:

  • A file server
  • Full maintenance
  • Constant back-up
  • Access from any internet connection with notebook or smart phone
  • Custom forms, screens, spreadsheets, and reports
  • Training
  • Business process consultation
  • Warehouse form storage (no more boxes of paper!)
  • Google-like access to all forms and documents


Please call us now to let us know when to visit to get started or show you the system. 504-451-5721. Or, email or write.

We duplicate your paper system exactly. You fill out the same forms on a computer screen and print them, if you wish. If a case worker doesn’t want to use the screen, he can still fill out a paper form for the office manger to type to the screen. The data entered is stored on a database and used to produce all the reports you want. It will also input the data to the United Way web site for you.