CaseMgt (tm)

A software system to management client visits, services, and reports.

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As a development company established in 1977, we have created a Case Management System for Travelers Aid Society. You may also want to use it.
  • Do you do client interviews?
  • Are you using a paper form system?
  • Is making reports and spreadsheets a big headache?
  • Does making the bi-yearly report to United Way a pain?
  • Are some case files mis-placed and hard to find?
  • Do you make some typing errors?
  • Are you running out of storage space for records?
  • Do you have computer maintenance costs?

If this describes your system, consider using ours. Call me now to have us evaluate your operation at no cost. 504-451-5721

We duplicate your paper system exactly. You fill out the same forms on a computer screen and print them, if you wish. If a case worker doesn’t want to use the screen, he can still fill out a paper form for the office manger to type to the screen. The data entered is stored on a database and used to produce all the reports. It is also used to automatically input the data to the United Way web site, if you are a member.

The cost to use the system is always less than your current costs and you can quit at any time. Please call now to see how the system works. 504-451-5721.