Assume the stock to analyze is IBM:
    column                                 description                                                                          where

AB OE gro Owner Earnings growth derived from formula
AC % disc Discount of price to Intrinsic Value derived from formula
AD Mkt Cap Market Cap
AE price Price of the stock at present       "
AF LtDbt/Eqt (AW/AY) Long Term Debt divided by Equity
AG csh flo Cash Flow, Levered Free
AH Dbt/Net  Debt divided by Net Income       "
AI P/E Price divided by Earnings, Trailing       "
AJ earn/share Earnings divided by number of Shares, Diluted       "
AK est % growth estimated % of Growth of Earnings
AL dividend yield Dividend in dollars per share
AM Total debt Total debt       "
AN Net  Net Income (Earnings)       "
AO Sales total Sales per year, Revenue       "
AP Book Shr  Book Value per Share       "
AQ Cash Shr Cash per Share, Total       "
AR Num Shr number of Shares outstanding       "
AS Curr ratio Current Ratio (Current Assets divided by Current Liabilities)       "
AT Total Assets total Assets
AU Goodwill Goodwill       "
AV Curr Asset Current Assets       "
AW Curr Liab Current Liabilities       "
AX LT debt Long Term Debt       "
AY Total Liab Total Liablities       "
AZ Total Equity Total Equity       "
BA Growth Last Yr. Growth in the last year - momentum measure derived from formula
Go to the web site and sign up for a free membership:
    Then click on 'Robert Hagstrom Strong Interest Stocks'
    Type in the stock symbol and click 'Get Scorecard'
    At the bottom, read Owner Earnings growth rate
    At the bottom, read Intrinsic Value
Check the sales and profit momentum and mark the name cell green or red from   If the sales and profits are both rising, color the name cell bright green, middle green, or light green. If falling, bright red, middle red, or light red.
The following column is experimental at this time:
BB Ear avg 1s3yrs Average earnings for the first 3 and last 3 years of the last 10 years

The following columns are computed numbers you don't need to enter:
BC to BT and CC to CW

CM div/price the dividend divided by the price
CN som prft was there some profit in the last 10 years?
CO 1/3 prft  did the profit triple from the first year to the last in the last 10 years?
CP 20 yr div? was there a dividend for each of the last 20 years?
CQ ValueLIne what is the ValueLine rating?

The following columns indicate the last SEC Quarterly report:
CR last look increase input the last report month
CS sls increase each qtr input a '1' if the sales increased each of the last 4 quarters

The following
columns are used by our automation system:
CT marker an indicator
CU qtr report  input by the system
CV rpt year to make sure it is a new report
CW if new indicates yellow if there is a new report

The following columns are experimental at this time:
CX to DI

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