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                                                                              Monday, February 17, 2020

   The saga continues, except we now must factor in the possibility of a pandemic. That means, for investments, for now, get out of vulnerable companies and gather some cash. Personally, stock up on products you will need that are made in China, lots of food in case you need to isolate, and products to live off grid for a while.

   You may wonder how we started this web site. Many years ago, someone at an AAII meeting presented the Buffett method of picking stocks using discounted future projection. Until then, we were modestly affective in using intuition, but now we had an analytic system to predict future success. Exploring it to the fullest, we established the web site BuffScan.com and offered a service to analyze your stock picks to show the company quality. It got nowhere, probably because there was no marketing. We used it for years with some success, but it always seemed that the 'herd' didn't care about quality and seemed to be randomly finicky, although we believed the long run would prove out. It was frustrating to see a stock with good values keep dropping until the values changed for the worse and we could sell it.

   That was fine until the Great Recession. Buffett kept saying all would recover and we doubled down as the prices dropped. Until we were forced to cover with a hugh loss. Now, we see that Buffett could afford to wait, but smaller investors could not.

   Hence, with the revelation from "Rule 1 of Investing", that problem is explained and dealth with, and we put up this web site to show the light.

Barrett Leibe

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