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    You have to be an optimist to start a new business. A great idea will bring buyers or clients in droves and you can't wait to get started. But wait, you need to do all the paperwork and deal with government red tape first. Bummer.
    Forget about it. Let us do it for you. Spend your time making sales.

    We have started and owned 28 retail stores and knows the business. Our Startup Package cost $200. and provides the following:

Create a Business Plan

Create a Marketing Plan

Create a Web Site
    register name
    contract site
    add customer inquiry form
    add shopping cart and inventory database (optional)
Create an email account

Open a bank account with credit card
    & on-line banking access

Open a credit card acceptance account

Register with the Secretary of State ($70)
    A. Sole proprietorship
    B. General or Limited Partnership
    C. Corporation
    D. Limited Liability Company (LLC)

State Sales tax application
    get number, forms in mail
    report monthly

City/Parish Sales tax application
    get number, forms in mail
    report monthly

City permits
    zoning, occupational, fire, electrical and plumbing

Food sales or preparation
    parish health unit for requirements

Employee Taxes
    Federal Employer Identification Number (Form SS-4)
    withhold payroll taxes (federal & state income taxes
        social security and medicare taxes)
        report monthly
    self employment Tax: Business share of social
        security payment

Unemployment Tax: The Louisiana Department of Labor
    will determine if you are required to pay
        unemployment tax for your employees.

Louisiana Workers’ Compensation insurance
    application and monthly payments

Busines Insurance, property and casualty liability

Loan application - U.S. Small Business Administration

    Of course, agency fees are extra. Call now to get it done today. Or, use your time to learn all the ins and outs and get a headache and frustration.

We also provide ongoing Account Service
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