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    Using the Warren Buffett and Benjamin Graham analysis, you can find and determine which companies have the best possibility to increase in value. It then follows that their stock price will grow the highest.   You can also evaluate a prospect to determine the value.
    The one question I ask anyone interested in a stock is, "what is it worth?". They usually don't know, but they do know when a loaf of bread is priced wrong. Using this analysis, we can determine the worth of a stock and if it is a good buy.

How do you find these companies?
    Get a list of prospects:
    magazines, newspapers, TV, radio - they are mostly bogus
    screeners: yahoo, MSM, brokers, AAII value screens, Barrons400, ValueLine,, Hagstrom top picks from One-Click-Scorecard

Test the prospects:
Download the blank spreadsheet.
Copy the master TEST ROW to a new row to enter data to. It has some formulae.
List the symbol and name in the new row columns 'A' and 'B'.
Add financial data into the blank cells 'AD' to 'AZ'.
Where do the data come from.
Or, Do It the Easy Way, See Our Daily List.

Act on it:
    If all the cells from 'C' to 'K' have a '/', and the color is green, buy that stock. If not, don't, or sell it if you own it.
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